#106 – Burnt Hickory Big Shanty and The Whigs

25 Jan

Burnt Hickory - Big Shanty Graham Cracker Stout

Okay, let’s get [sort of] serious for a second. This is an important and timely episode for fans of craft beer in Georgia. In addition to our standard audio tickle fight, we are joined by the one and only Austin L. Ray to talk about the current state of beer legislation in our fair, um, state. *There are several links in this post, so if you’re reading this in iTunes, head on over to the website for supplemental #content.*

Austin is a writer by trade and recently penned a long, thoroughly-reported cover story for Creative Loafing wherein he explains

  1. How Georgia’s restrictive beer laws are some of the worst in the nation and how they are materially affecting Georgia’s economy, and
  2. Why an impending piece of legislation proposed by the Georgia Craft Brewers Guild is the best opportunity since 2004 to make meaningful changes to the craft beer landscape in Georgia.

Oh and we also drink a newly-bottled beer from Burnt Hickory up in Kennesaw, GA, and Russ supplies a song from The Whigs, who originally hail from Athens, GA, officially making this episode GEORGIA AS HAIL. Speaking of Georgia, one way to keep up with interesting Georgia craft beer news is to subscribe to Austin’s very excellent Georgia Brewsletter.

Couple of show notes:

10:09 – I momentarily forgot Ted Hull’s name. Inexcusable.
10:59 – I said Sweetwater was one of the big breweries to open a facility in North Carolina. OBVIOUSLY, I meant Sierra Nevada. Obviously.
30:26 – I semi-confidently recall the piece of legislation that raised the maximum ABV% in beer from 6% to 14% in 2004 as HB 345. It is actually HB 645.

The Whigs - Modern Creation

#105 – Straight To Ale Cabernet Laika and Dead Man Fall

21 Jan

Image originally from fuj on tap. Used without permission.

Image originally from fuj on tap. Used without permission.

    This is a really shitty episode. As in, in order to properly convey chunks of the primary narrative, we have to use the word ‘shit’ almost as punctuation. If that bothers you, you should listen anyway because get over yourself.

    Don’t worry, it only takes us NINE MINUTES to actually get to the beer, but Russ weaves a pretty great, albeit shitty thread to kick things off.

    The beer is a big, fat, Russian Imperial Stout from relatively-new-to-Georgia brewery Straight to Ale out of Huntsville, Alabama. This particular variation was aged in Cabernet barrels. We drink it. And talk about it. Lest there be any confusion, the beer is decidedly not shitty.

    Russ suggested the song this week. “Bang Your Drum” by Dead Man Fall. It has it’s own special context, so you’ll have to listen to hear all that. The video we watched is embedded below. If you’re reading this on iTunes or some other podcatcher, you have to come to the website to see it.

    Dead Man Fall - Bang Your Drum

    #104 – 21st Amendment He Said He Said and Red Fang

    14 Jan

    Assembled with images from beerpulse.com

    Assembled with images from beerpulse.com

      We couldn’t let Sean travel all the way from New York SOLELY to be on this podcast and then just let him get away after recording only one episode. So this is the second of two episodes with Sean. As was mentioned (I think) in Episode 103, Sean is an artist by trade. So, we review a beer from a brewery with some of the best can and box art in the business, 21st Amendment Brewery of San Francisco, specifically their He Said He Said double collaboration with Seattle’s own Elysian Brewing Company. [I will never reveal whether the artist + artistic beer packaging was a heavy-handed plan or a dumb coincidence.]

      Sean suggested the song this week, from Red Fang out of Porktown, OR. We listened to, and watched, the video for their song Prehistoric Dog. For those unaware, Red Fang’s videos are the stuff of legend. Our good friend Mike was in the Red Fang video for Blood Like Cream (he’s the zombie in the bright safety vest and hard hat piling on that poor fool at the 3:53 mark).

      Anyway. WHATEVER.

      Red Fang - Red Fang

      #103 – Port Brewing Board Meeting Brown Ale and Antique Future

      7 Jan

      Port Brewing Board Meeting

      All right, let’s get weird. This week we are joined by a childhood friend of mine named Sean, who has a great radio voice though that is not why he joined us for this and one more episode. Sean and I were across-the-street neighbors from 1986 until 1994. We also formed a band together in high school with three other dudes. That band was called Antique Future because we were poetic geniuses. Tony, you’re not going to actually play music by a bunch of 15-year-olds from a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a cassette are you? HELL YES I AM GET YOUR OWN PODCAST. The quality of the music audio is godawful, so go ahead and prepare yourself for that. Oh, and the audio morphs a couple times during the two songs we listened to because 20-year-old cassette.

      Like all episodes, we start out by drinking a beer and this week that beer is Board Meeting Brown Ale by Port Brewing. It is a very good beer, but I’m not going to pretend that’s why you’re here this week. Enjoy!

      Antique Future - Anachronism

      #102 – Prairie Christmas Bomb and Christopher Lee

      2 Jan

      [Click the image for a larger version.]

      [Click the image for a larger version.]

        Here’s a hot, fresh Xmas episode only several days after Xmas. Prairie Artisan Ales of Tulsa, OK recently expanded distribution to Georgia, so we put their Christmas Bomb! through the paces. Russ supplied a wonderful song in a heavy metal version of “A Little Drummer Boy” by one-million-year-old actor Christopher Lee.

        The most notable thing about this episode is that it functionally ends at around the 25-minute mark … but we keep on talking for like 15 more minutes. If you hear Russ mention Frank Sinatra and you keep on listening, well, I can’t help you.

        Christopher Lee - A Heavy Metal Christmas

        #101 – Sam Adams New World Tripel and Run the Jewels

        29 Dec

        Samuel Adams illustration by stevennoble.com

        Samuel Adams illustration by stevennoble.com

        As part of our year-end wrap up, we like to take a look back at what people really enjoyed through out the preceding annum, and then fall completely short on any comparable appreciation and/or analysis. At no point in this podcast’s history has this process been more thoroughly executed than on this, episode 101 of 1 Beer 1 Song.

        Many of our contemporaries had 2014’s release from Run The Jewels in the top 5 on their year-end best-of lists, a couple with it in the #1 position. So, we thought we’s see what all the hubbub is about.


        If you like awkward pauses, clueless grasps at relevance, and meandering naively into the volatile waters of race relations in America in 2014, then this episode is for you.

        Oh, and we also talked about some Sam Adams beer from Costco.

        Run The Jewels 2

        #100 – Creature Comforts Southerly Love/Koko Buni and One Direction

        16 Dec

        Creature Comforts

        The second of two episodes with Blake from Creature Comforts Brewing Company, located in downtown Utopia, USA. Blake was gracious enough to bring two gems from the Creature Comforts cabinet, Southerly Love, and Koko Buni, both just really really great beers. We hate you, Blake.

        Oh, I almost forgot to mention, this is episode 100 (ONE HUNDRED). What better way to celebrate such a milestone than with a song by … One Direction? Okay, we may or may not have picked the song to distract from the fact that we’re really not that interested in being self-reflexive or self-congratulatory. Okay, maybe Russ is, if only because it might mean someone will tell him he has served his time and he is free to go home.

        Also, this episode would have been FINE to wrap up at somewhere around the 30-minute mark. But don’t worry, we managed to blather North of 50 minutes. Granted, we’re all fantastically articulate renaissance men, so our aimless pontification is your Radiolab, but just a heads up in case all you care about is the beer and the song.

        One Direction - Up All Night

        #99 – Creature Comforts Athena/Tropicalia and Graveyard

        9 Dec

        Creature Comforts

        This is the first of two episodes with our good friend BLAKE, whom you regular listeners are already familiar with. The difference with these two episodes from previous episodes with Blake is that this time we are drinking beer from Creature Comforts Brewing Company in Athens, Georgia where Blake is employed as a brewer. Blake helped brew these beers and the general public can legally buy them with money and drink them. NEAT.

        In this episode, we quaffed two of Creature Comfort’s canned beers. Athena is a Berliner Weiss, and Tropicalia is an IPA. Both cans are beautiful.

        Like a responsible guest, Blake came loaded with a song. We listened “Uncomfortably Numb” from the Graveyard album Hinsingen Blues. The episode clocks in on the long side for us, but it’s packed with good info. I DON’T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO TELL YOU GO LISTEN TO THE EPISODE.

        Graveyard - Hisingen Blues

        #98 – Mikkeller Black Hole Stout and Bad Brains

        1 Dec


        This episode starts a little LOOSE. While editing this episode, I actually wondered what the hell we were actually doing, which is notable because I was there when we recorded it. I am, in fact, the one who recorded. If you can’t bear the suspense of the first few, weird minutes, HANG IN THERE, the payoff comes at 4:42. The beer is Black Hole stout from Mikkeller. Not sure where I picked up this bottle of beer, but we are strongly suspicious that we should have consumed this bad boy several years ago.

        After watching the DC episode of Sonic Highways, Russ suggested we review a song from Bad Brains SO OKAY WE WILL DO THAT RUSSELL. The whole thing was kind of a mindbender. I’m still not completely convinced Russ isn’t just trolling me.

        If you’re fed up after the song, HANG IN THERE, we talk about Serial from 23:00 to 26:00.

        Bad Brains - I Against I

        #97 – Trillium Brewing and Old Man Gloom

        20 Nov

        Trillium Brewing Company

        This is a loosely Boston-themed episode. The beer is from Trillium Brewing Company, which is most definitely in Boston. Like, right downtown. I was there on a business trip recently and the internet told me there was an excellent brewery a few blocks from my hotel. So I went there, and schlepped a couple bottles back to the dirty dirty.

        The song connection to Boston is a little bit looser, but I stand by it. Since you all have listened to every episode of this podcast repeatedly, you will no doubt remember the song from Episode 13, a little ditty by Old Man Gloom. Russ LOOOOOOOOOOOVES Old Man Gloom. Special treat: Russ does a serviceable Bill Clinton impression at the very end.

        Old Man Gloom - The Ape Of God