#115 – Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin and Jake Johannsen Comedy

17 Apr

Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin IPA

It feels like it’s been raining in Atlanta for 6 months, so we drink the super-citrusy Grapefruit Sculpin IPA from Ballast Point to remind us of the sunshine. Actually, that’s not true. This episode was recorded a couple weeks ago, ostensibly when the sun was still shining. I am so bad at segues, I am actually great at them. Ballast Point’s suggested food pairings for the Grapefruit Sculpin rustle Russell’s cockles, presumably because he is an angry, angry man. SO ANGRY.

As a side note, I would like to nominate Ballast Point for best brewery website ever. Seriously, their site is great. It’s bright and clear and simple to navigate and thoroughly informative without being annoyingly pontificative. From any page on the site, whatever you’re looking for is one or two clicks away. Excellent website, clap clap clap.

For the sing this time, we listen to … a stand-up comedy routine! If you’ve learned anything by now, you’ve learned Russ has a penchant for comedy and late-night television talk shows. Here we have a short routine from Jake Johannsen, from his 46th (!!!) appearance on the Dave Letterman show, which, of course, is coming to an end this year. Video below.

Production note: Weird audio gap at 12:51, right at the start of the comedy. Buy me a new laptop.

Jake Johannsen

#114 – Lagunitas IPA vs Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA and Social Distortion

1 Apr

Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter vs. Lagunitas IPA

Here at 1 Beer 1 Song HQ, one of the things we pride ourselves in is timely reporting, which is why we’ve decided to tackle a craft beer topic that was in the headlines almost three months ago. I mean, the topic will remain one of ongoing discussion for the foreseeable future, but this specific story took place in January, 2015. The short version: Lagunitas filed suit against Sierra Nevada over the design of their Hop Hunter IPA packaging, specifically the typography of the letters I-P-A, claiming the design was too similar to Lagunitas’s own IPA packaging. To commemorate this bizarre day of scorching hot takes and general bizarreness, we drank both Lagunitas IPA and Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA. Spoiler alert: Of all the things we find frustrating and confusing, the packaging of these beers is not one of them.

This is a complex legal topic and one that forces the craft beer industry to look inward and decide how to balance the interests of its individual businesses with the ongoing interests of a growing industry that likes to think of itself as a happy family where everyone is looking out for everyone else. You could easily build an entire podcast series around this topic. Thankfully, you don’t need to build an entire podcast series around this topic because we have it all wrapped up in one 42-minute maelstrom of sarcasm, armchair legal analysis, and hyperbolic accusations. Oh, and Russ picked Social Distortion from the board of songs. SOME SHOW NOTES:

    • Just to calibrate your expectations, we don’t even start smelling or tasting the beers until around the 15-minute mark.
    • Sorry not sorry for the digital audio weirdness from 16:04-16:12. Buy me a new computer.
    • 23:44 – Somehow the audio cut off a secind early while introducing the song. That explains the “abrupt” transition.
    • 32:56 – Brendan Palfreyman can be followed here: @bpalfrey10. [It’s crazy that there were nine other people with a bpalfrey handle who signed up before him.] Seriously, if you’re at all interested about craft beer legal topics, follow him.
  • Social Distortion - s/t

    #113 – Second Self Beer Company and Umphrey’s McGee

    24 Mar

    Image from yelp.

    Brewery wall photo from yelp.

      Ah, the first days of Spring. We depart the comfortable confines of my windowless basement and head into the sunlight and the warm, welcoming arms of Second Self Beer Company, one of Atlanta’s newest breweries. Founder and beer architect, Jason Santamaria, was nice enough to let us in, give us beer, and answer our questions. Pretty darned generous, eh?

      It seems only natural then, while visiting a brewery called Second Self, one would enjoy the sweet sounds of a song called Second Self. Maybe it’s not that natural. Either way, that’s what we did. This version happens to be by Umphrey’s Mcgee, a band whose name is weirdly difficult to type for some reason.

      Alright then, get in there.

      Umphrey's Mcgee - The London Session

      #112 – Evil Twin Molotov Cocktail SSH and Pelican

      19 Mar

      Evil Twin Brewing - Single Simcoe Hop Molotov Cocktail

      This episode is equal parts disaster and triumph. We drink the Single Simcoe Hop version of Molotov Cocktail from Evil Twin Brewing. [Not sure why it’s called Single Simcoe Hop and not Simcoe Single-Hop, but WHATEVER.] The last time we contemplated a beer from Evil Twin was way back on episode 25. We drank The Cowboy, a smoked pilsner, and, since you’ve no doubt listened to and internalized every single episode of this show, I shouldn’t have to remind you that The Cowboy was not a beer most would consider a “good” beer. So, this episode was to be Evil Twin’s redemption. Unfortunately … well, you’ll just have to listen. Yes, it is unfortunate you have to listen.

      THEN, we listened to what I hoped would be a scorcher from Pelican, and instead … well, you’ll just have to listen. Shutup, Russ.

      So, after both of those … events, we ended up reviewing a food item that I made, because why the hell not. All that in just over 22 minutes!

      Pelican - The Cliff

      #111 – Gueuze VS Gose and Jason Isbell covering Warren Zevon

      6 Mar

      Gueuze vs Gose

      Okay, here’s the deal. There is A LOT going on right now with Georgia beer legislation, specifically SB63, or the GA Beer Jobs Bill as it has come to be known. Since this podcast isn’t a live broadcast (it’s recorded days in advance), and things are changing rapidly, it is impossible to capture the most recent developments. When we recorded this, the latest rumor was that GA Lt. Governor Casey Cagle was working behind the scenes to suppress a committee vote on SB63. Since then, a “compromise” version of the bill, with lower limits on amounts customers can consume on site at breweries and take home from breweries and brewpubs, has been unanimously approved by said committee. Sooooooooooooo, our ranting is going to sound a little misplaced and dated, but I didn’t want to post the episode before the vote because we are both fairly critical of the process (and some specific individuals) and I didn’t want to publish a n y t h i n g negative or needlessly harsh given what’s at stake here. SB63 now heads to the full GA Senate and then the the House.

      In celebration of the episode that shall not be named, we dive deep into the distinctly different worlds of Gueuze and Gose. We drink a Gueuze from Belgium and a Gose from California, all the while, you guessed it, talking talking talking.

      Russ brung the song this week and it’s Jason Isbell and his wife, Amanda Shires, covering a song by Warren Zevon called “Mutineer.” There’s a video below.

      #110 – Clown Shoes Extremely Angry Beast and Torche

      26 Feb

      Clown Shoes Beer - Extremely Angry Beast

      Wheee, I wonder what horrible, idiotic mistake this episode will contain. Please alert us of all current and future mistakes in the form of iTunes reviews, but only if they also come in the form of 5-star ratings. This is the second of two episodes with our buddy Garrett who has a radio voice that reminds me of melted chocolate ice cream. What does that even mean?

      The beer this week is Extremely Angry Beast from Clown Shoes Beer in Ipswitch, MA, a brewery we first discussed way back on episode 7, and who I maintain has the best beer names on the market.

      The song this week is from Torche, who I love. Go to their site and play their video game. It is great. They released a new album called Restarter on 2/24. We listened to “Blasted.”

      A show note:
      There was some digital audio weirdness at 3:43 – 3:50, which can only mean I need a new computer. Sweet.

      Torche - Restarter


      18 Feb

      There’s no way to sugar coat it, so let’s get right to the dumb:

      Until a listener named Michael pointed it out, I was not aware that Gueuze and Gose were separate styles, a fact that became glaringly obvious in episode 109 when I confidently stated that Gose is just the Americanization of the spelling/pronunciation of Gueuze. Garrett chuckled suspiciously and his instinct was correct, though, he does have an advantage in already being familiar with the fact that I’m an idiot.

      This is particularly shameful because I am a BJCP certified judge, which by definition means I have amassed a certain amount of beer knowledge and should at the very least imply that I am familiar with, you know, the different kinds of beer that exist. If I had a defense, it would be that Gose is not included as a style in either the 2004 or 2008 BJCP style guidelines. It has been added to the draft 2014 guidelines under category 27: Historical Beer. I am not familiar with the updated 2014 guidelines because I don’t actually like the guidelines all that much, so I’m not going to use documentation as an excuse. Plain and simple: It was an honest gap in my knowledge that has now been closed.

      We’ll address this in a future episode, but I wanted to go on the record and acknowledge the mistake. Fun!

      #109 – St. Louis Gueuze Fond Tradition and Smith Street Band

      17 Feb

      St. Louis Gueuze Fond Tradition

      Raise your hand if you ever thought you would see a day when Russ spent his own money on a growler of sour beer to review on this podcast PUT YOUR HAND DOWN NO ONE LIKES YOU. Well, here we are, navigating 32 ounces of St. Louis Gueuze Fond Tradition from Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck N.V., me doing it largely without the ability to smell or taste because who needs those senses when reviewing beer in audio format? Discussing a Gueuze is timely because of the buzz recently created by that hot-take-as-clickbait on Thrillist.

      As part of our continued outsourcing strategy, Garrett is back for a couple episodes, and Garrett suggested we listen to Wipe That Shit-eating Grin Off Your Punchable Face from Smith Street Band. So we listened to it.


      Smith Street Band - Wipe That Shit-eating Grin Off Your Punchable Face EP

      #108 – Orpheus Brewing and Béla Viktor János Bartók

      12 Feb

      Orpheus Brewing

      This week we packed up the gear and headed to Orpheus Brewing where brewmaster Jason Pellet filled us with beer and provided some insightful stories behind one of Atlanta’s most interesting young breweries. Russ and Jason walk through the Greek mythology of Orpheus (read more at Wikipedia if you like). Orpheus was a musician, Jason has a Master’s degree in music, and Orpheus Brewing is rife with references to the mythology and music in general. Lest you be suspicious, you can tell we’re in a brewery (or other large facility) because you can hear the HVAC kicking on and off throughout the episode (first time around 0:56).

      In addition to providing some delicious beers, Jason also contributed 1B1S “first” by submitting a Classical piece as the song, specifically the first movement of Bartók’s Concerto for Orchestra. We listened to the first half or so and then kept things moving because we are RADIO PROFESSIONALS and we’re trying to get GOOD TAPE or something. The version we listened to is a 1955 recording by The Chicago Symphony Orchestra directed by Fritz Reiner, which is widely considered to be the best rendition of Bartók’s best work. I said I would include a link to the full movement on the site, and, technically, that is posted below, but I couldn’t find a free streaming version of the Reiner performance, so the recording below is from 2004 by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, directed by Karel Ancerl.

      Bartok - 1955 Chicago Symphony Orchestra recording

      #107 – Burnt Hickory Cannon Dragger IPA and Killer Mike

      3 Feb

      Burnt Hickory - Cannon Dragger IPA

      In the interest of your long-term mental health, you’ve surely blocked it from your memory, so I’ll just remind you: At the end of episode 101, we pledged to contract the services of a Rap Correspondent. Well, Austin is back this week to try to straighten us out. Admittedly, he has his work cut out for him.

      We drink Cannon Dragger IPA from Burnt Hickory. Around the 2:25 mark, I indicate this is the first time we’ve talked about the same brewery two episodes in a row. You, um, actually only have to go back to episodes 99 and 100 to hear Creature Comforts twice in a row. We are good at this.

      Austin tees up R.A.P. Music from Killer Mike, which is a bit of a softball, but provides for, um, enlightening discussion? I liked the song and am looking forward to hearing more of the raps from Austin on future episodes. If you would like to send Russ feedback directly, you can email him at 1beer1song at gmail.

      Killer Mike - R.A.P. Music