#97 – Trillium Brewing and Old Man Gloom

20 Nov

Trillium Brewing Company

This is a loosely Boston-themed episode. The beer is from Trillium Brewing Company, which is most definitely in Boston. Like, right downtown. I was there on a business trip recently and the internet told me there was an excellent brewery a few blocks from my hotel. So I went there, and schlepped a couple bottles back to the dirty dirty.

The song connection to Boston is a little bit looser, but I stand by it. Since you all have listened to every episode of this podcast repeatedly, you will no doubt remember the song from Episode 13, a little ditty by Old Man Gloom. Russ LOOOOOOOOOOOVES Old Man Gloom. Special treat: Russ does a serviceable Bill Clinton impression at the very end.

Old Man Gloom - The Ape Of God

#96 – Brewster’s Brewing Co and Yip Deceiver

14 Nov

Brewsters Brewing Company

After a not-so-relaxing fall break, we are back with a lukewarm vengeance. Rather than ease back into the normal routine, we are coming straight at you with an ALL RUSS EPISODE. Russ procured the beers from his buddy Donny, who has a role at Brewsters Brewing Company, which has numerous locations across Canadia. We love it when brewers give us beer to review. If you’re reading this AND you’re a brewer AND you haven’t sent us beer, well … we can’t help you. I mean, we can help you, but you have to send us beer.

Russ also brought us a song this week. The band is Yip Deceiver, who, for whatever reason, I keep calling Yip Destroyer. Yip Deceiver hail from Athens, GA. Russ explains their origins and Athens-related family tree on the episode.

If you do venture into this episode, make sure you listen all the way to the end.

Yip Deceiver - Medallius

#95 – Some Band From Ireland and Sour Beers

8 Oct

The Bruery Oude Tart and Victory Wild Devil

This is the second of two episodes with Meghan and Gia. As mentioned previously, we tried to do a sour beer episode with Meghan like MONTHS before anyone knew how Breaking Bad ended, but it didn’t work out. Well, we FINALLY got the pieces in place to do it again, and guess what … Russ has turned a corner on sour beers. Gone is his insane bloviating against flavors to which he is unaccustomed. Now he’s all, hey, that tastes pretty good. GOD DAMMIT.

As for the song, if you own any device with iTunes installed, you’ve been carrying this garbage around for weeks already. So, nice work.


#94 – Southern Tier Pumpkin Beers and Taylor Swift

26 Sep

Southern Tier Brewing Company

So, we tried to record a sour beer episode with Meghan like a year and a half ago. Actually, we did record an episode with Meghan in early 2013, but this was back when we just plopped one mic in between all of us and went to town. While this approach had (barely) passed muster in a few previous instances, this particular audio was unusable. Fast forward nineteenish months and we managed to pull it off again, albeit not without some audio shenanigans. At some point along the way, we’ve become bereft of the necessary mic/cord configuration to support three mics. NOT TO WORRY, we still have the old Tascam DR-1 recorder, so we figured out to rig that as a third mic. But it is a stereo mic that requires its own channel, so Russ and I had to share a channel, which means I had to venture into numerous unexplored audio compression/EQ territories, all of which I am wholly unqualified to explore. I’m exaggerating, it actually doesn’t sound too bad, but it was an adventure. Also, my lovely wife Gia makes a guest appearance.

So, I’ll just cut to the chase: It’s officially autumn and Meghan and Gia are white chicks, so we went the obvious route and drank pumpkin beers from Southern Tier Brewing Company (Pumking and Warlock) and listened to that new Taylor Swift song. Not really much more to say about it, honestly. Get in there.

Taylor swift - 1989

#93 – Bell’s Black Note Stout and NOMEANSNO

19 Sep

Bell's Black Note

Another day, another barrel-aged imperial stout, this time from the gang at Bell’s in Michigan. Someday, I imagine we will tire of drinking all these amazing beers, but not today.

For the song, we get a little meta and play the entire version of our little transition snippet, “Stocktaking” from the venerable NOMEANSNO. Russ’s opinion of the song may or may not surprise you, because, deep down, Russ is not an idiot.


#92 – Ecliptic Brewing Coalsack CDA and AVALAUNCHER

12 Sep

Ecliptic Brewing

The final beer from the Mike Douglas gift box is the Coalsack Cascadian Dark Ale from Ecliptic Brewing in Portland, OR. You may know Cascadian Dark Ale by its other name, Black IPA. Don’t worry, we discuss the naming convention. You will be much smarter after listening to this episode.

From the Board of Songs, Russ chose none other than Avalauncher, a band I played in from 1997 – 2003. It brings me immense pleasure that Avalauncher’s music has aged, if not well, then at least not poorly. I still enjoy listening to it from time to time. Russ was surprisingly complimentary, but I’m fairly certain that’s because I was sitting right in front of him.


#91 – Crooked Stave Surette and NOFX

5 Sep

Crooked Stave - Surette

We regain control of the clock after the blather marathon that was episode 90. The most remarkable thing about this episode is Russ’s reaction to the beer. He has turned a real corner on sour beers, and I’m pretty sure this is what it feels like to send your kid off to college. Not really sure there’s anything to tie the beer and the song together. Crooked Stave makes sour beer (really well), and Fat Mike from NOFX has a … tart voice? I’ll stop.

NOFX - White Trash, Two Heebs, and a Bean

#90 – Breakside Elder Statesman and Rival Sons

29 Aug

Breakside Brewery
Wow. Not really sure what the hell we were thinking with this one. Yes, there is a beer. Barrel-aged Elder Statesman from Breakside Brewery to be specific. (Check out their Beers page. It’s neat.) Yes, there is a song. “Keep On Swinging” by Rival Sons if you must know. Pretty standard, right? Well, somehow we managed to talk for almost FORTY THREE MINUTES. Sure, there’s a long, very awkward conversation about women’s underwear, followed up by an equally long, utterly pointless story about working at IHOP and T.J.Maxx. But 43 minutes? If you like listening to us bloviate, then this episode is audio Xmas for you. If you’re unsure how you feel, listen to this episode with the knowledge that all of the other episodes are better than this one, and then go listen to all the other episodes.

Rival Sons - Keep On Swinging

#89 – Bootlegger’s Black Phoenix and Jane’s Addiction

22 Aug

Bootlegger's Black Phoenix

This week marks another technological step forward for 1B1S the audio plant. I recently received a second pair of headphones as a gift. One Monoprice splitter later, and BOOM! we’re both wearing headphones while we record. I know. Real ground-breaking there, guys. Whatever, you are the beneficiary.

This week we drink Black Phoenix Chipotle Coffee Stout from Bootlegger’s Brewery. Why yes, that is an ambitious beer name. Does it live up to its name? What happens next will OH JUST LISTEN TO THE STUPID EPISODE.

We listen to an oldie from Jane’s Addiction. Before you listen, just take a minute to think about what Russ will say about Jane’s Addiction. It could go either way, right? I KNOW. No spoilers.

Jane's Addiction - Ritual de lo Habitual

#88 – Florida Beer Company Devil’s Triangle IPA and Quiet Hounds

14 Aug

Florida Beer Company

Welcome to 1 beer 1 song where, according to Russ, “each week we undercategorize and misrepresent a beer and a blah blah blah …” Sometimes it’s like he’s never listened to a single episode of the show. That’s actually quite possible.

This is the final of three episodes with Garrett and Dave. We were gifted some IPA from Florida Beer Company, which we summarily drank and pondered. Click the link to the website at your own risk, it is depressingly neglected and barely functional. By the looks of things, FBC would much rather you visit them at their Facebook page.

The song this week is a track from the brand-spanking-new Quiet Hounds album, Wild Hunt. Those keeping score will recall we reviewed a Quiet Hounds song WAY back on episode 8, around the time their last album came out. This is fun because Russ and Dave play instruments with the Quiet Hounds, so we will probably review a Quiet Hounds song every time they release a new album. Also, they are good and we like them.

Programming note: No idea what the weirdness is 20:49-20:55, possibly cell phones?

Quiet Hounds - Wild Hunt