#123 – Against the Grain and Jason Isbell and College Football

31 Jul

Against The Grain - Citra Ass Down

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This episode is why we make this podcast. Our good buddy Kit (of Dawg Sports and Dawg Gone Podcast and One Beer One Song Episode 55.5 fame) joins us. We drink Citra Ass Down from Against The Grain Brewery in Louisville, KY. There are almost 4,000 breweries in the U.S. and Against The Grain is the #1 A+ best out of all of them at naming beers. SERIOUSLY GO LOOK (scroll down a smidge). And if Citra Ass Down is any indication, they are pretty dope at making beers as well.

And on the heels of a fun beer, oh, there’s a new Jason Isbell record out. We last visited Mr. Isbell on episode 51, shortly after he released Southeastern, which will probably go down as one of the greatest singer-songwriter/country/folk/alt-country/cry-in-your-car-alone/triumphant-return albums of our generation. His new album, Something More Than Free came out a couple weeks ago and Russ’s expectations couldn’t be higher. Related listening: Isbell sat down with NPR for a short interview this week. It’s good.

AND AS IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH, Kit is here A) because we like him, but B) to talk college football. I’m not going to waste your time with any predictions or teasers here, but I did want to share a link as proof that Minnesota has actually won seven national championships.

Alright then.

Jason Isbell - Something More Than Free

#122 – Southbound Hoplin IPA and The Vandals

24 Jul

Southbound Hoplin IPA

We drink an IPA out of a can from Southbound Brewing Company, a relatively new brewery out of Savannah, GA.

Russ picked The Vandals from the Board of Songs, so I hit him with their cover of Summer Lovin’. As I mention on the episode, the parody lyrics in this song are much creepier than I remember. Speaking of Grease, below is a picture of the funny tweet I mentioned on the show but couldn’t find on the fly.


Alright then.

Vandals - Fear of a Punk Planet

#121 – Terrapin Maggie’s Blackberry Cobbler and The Baseball Project

14 Jul

Terrapin - Blackberry Cobbler

The long, hot slog through another Georgia continues. It is so hot, we don’t have the energy to record episodes that are long or good. We drink Maggie’s Blackberry Cobbler Farmhouse Ale from our friends at Terrapin Beer Company. We also talk about recent beery events in Georgia.

Also in honor of the dog days of Summer, we listen to a song from The Baseball Project. They sing songs about hockey.

The Baseball Project

#120 – Three Taverns A Night On Ponce IPA and Florence and the Machine

2 Jul

Three Taverns - A Night On Ponce IPA

We have visited a handful of local breweries. In fact, we’ve kind of made it a rule, if the brewery is in town, why would we sit in my basement and speculate when we can have a conversation with the horse’s … uh … mouth, I don’t think that’s how that saying works. ANYWAY. Three Taverns Brewery is a relatively new brewery in Atlanta, specifically Decatur, Georgia. I would explain what we drank and why it’s significant, but we talk about all that on the episode, so shut up and put on your headphones already.

This is a special episode because it’s always a special episode when Russ picks the song. We listen to a new track from Florence and the Machine. It’s important to note, the version we listened to is the version in the video posted below (gotta be looking at the blog to see the video). Apparently, this is a video-specific version because the version on the album is … much different. I say that to save you from liking this version and then racing to the album version only to be disappointed.

Florence and the Machine - How Big How Blue How Beautiful

#119 – Rogue Sriracha Stout and Ray Lynch

21 Jun

Rogue Sriracha Hot Stout

Business trips and family trips and summer camps OH MY. Here is a weird-ass beer paired with a weird-ass song to help you absolve the preceding month of no episodes.

Ray Lynch - Deep Breakfast

#118 – Peach Lambic Sangria and Blake Shelton

18 May

Photo credit: the kitchn

Photo credit: the kitchn

    Gia here, back by popular demand/hostile studio takeover, Ellen and I grab the mikes for Episode 118. We drink Peach Lambic and Rye Sangria as we listen to Blake Shelton’s “Sangria.” <--- See what we did there? We're very clever! In this episode, we brilliantly theorize about country music, expertly spot music video continuity issues, and shamefully neglect our beer-gria. We used Lindeman’s PĂȘche Lambic, which we can’t properly review because it’s mingled so deliciously with whiskey, apple, and peach. We also don’t properly review “Sangria” because we focus on how sexy the video () is. Y’all forgive us; we’re new here. We hope to be back soon!

    Blake Shelton - Bringing Back The Sunshine

    #117 – Terrapin Black Is The New Wit Collaboration and Refused

    7 May

    Black Is The New Wit - Terrapin Collaboration with New Belgium

    The theme this time around the horn is things that may or may not be ill-conceived. We try to answer two questions.

    1. Does the world actually need an Imperial Black Rye Wit?
    1. Is it possible for Refused to maintain a single shred of credibility as they embark on reunion #2?
  • And that’s pretty much it. Oh, also we experimented with live-streaming video of the recording sessions and a hilariously large number people tuned in for at least a portion of it, so that’s in now. Follow @1beer1song for updates.

    Refused - Freedom

    #116 – Jester King Sin Frontera Collaboration and The Mountain Goats

    1 May

    Jester King - Sin Frontera Collaboration

    On this episode of Two Dudes In A Basement, we drink Sin Frontera, a collaboration between Jester King, Crooked Stave, and Brasserie Trois Dammes (Switzerland). This beer was very generously carried by hand from out of state by a complete stranger for the purposes of being mis-categorized and/or under-appreciated by us. The stranger, whose name is Jeff and who lives in Chicago, is a friend of a friend named Kevin, who lives in Austin, where Jester King is located. Kevin set the whole thing up and HERE WE ARE. Thanks, dudes!

    Sin Frontera is interesting because the three brewers involved brewed identical versions at each of their breweries over the course of a couple years. From Jester King’s Sin Frontera page:

    The concept behind Cerveza Sin Frontera was to brew an identical recipe, referment it in the same type of barrels (Spanish sherry) at three different locations on earth, and allow the microorganisms unique to each brewery to impart interesting and differentiating characteristics to the beer. In other words, Cerveza Sin Frontera seeks to explore the impact that mixed culture fermentation has upon an identical recipe for wort (unfermented beer). It highlights how fermentation that exists outside the world of pure culture brewers yeast has the ability to create unique beer with a sense of place.

    So, if we *really* wanted to do this the way the brewers intended, we would have gathered all three variants of the beer and compared them against each other all while pontificating wildly without any merit whatsoever about what environmental factors contributed to whatever it is we think we’re smelling and tasting. Given that the beers were brewed over the course of a year and two of the breweries don’t even distribute in Georgia, we decided to plow ahead with an MVP. You’ll have to listen and gauge for yourself the wildness of our pontification.

    The song this week comes from The Mountain Goats, who released a new album called Beat The Champ on 4/28. TMG are no strangers to the show, this being the third time we’ve featured them (Ep. 25, Ep. 68). We listen to them because they are good. LISTEN.

    The Mountain Goats - Beat The Champ

    #115 – Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin and Jake Johannsen Comedy

    17 Apr

    Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin IPA

    It feels like it’s been raining in Atlanta for 6 months, so we drink the super-citrusy Grapefruit Sculpin IPA from Ballast Point to remind us of the sunshine. Actually, that’s not true. This episode was recorded a couple weeks ago, ostensibly when the sun was still shining. I am so bad at segues, I am actually great at them. Ballast Point’s suggested food pairings for the Grapefruit Sculpin rustle Russell’s cockles, presumably because he is an angry, angry man. SO ANGRY.

    As a side note, I would like to nominate Ballast Point for best brewery website ever. Seriously, their site is great. It’s bright and clear and simple to navigate and thoroughly informative without being annoyingly pontificative. From any page on the site, whatever you’re looking for is one or two clicks away. Excellent website, clap clap clap.

    For the sing this time, we listen to … a stand-up comedy routine! If you’ve learned anything by now, you’ve learned Russ has a penchant for comedy and late-night television talk shows. Here we have a short routine from Jake Johannsen, from his 46th (!!!) appearance on the Dave Letterman show, which, of course, is coming to an end this year. Video below.

    Production note: Weird audio gap at 12:51, right at the start of the comedy. Buy me a new laptop.

    Jake Johannsen

    #114 – Lagunitas IPA vs Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA and Social Distortion

    1 Apr

    Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter vs. Lagunitas IPA

    Here at 1 Beer 1 Song HQ, one of the things we pride ourselves in is timely reporting, which is why we’ve decided to tackle a craft beer topic that was in the headlines almost three months ago. I mean, the topic will remain one of ongoing discussion for the foreseeable future, but this specific story took place in January, 2015. The short version: Lagunitas filed suit against Sierra Nevada over the design of their Hop Hunter IPA packaging, specifically the typography of the letters I-P-A, claiming the design was too similar to Lagunitas’s own IPA packaging. To commemorate this bizarre day of scorching hot takes and general bizarreness, we drank both Lagunitas IPA and Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA. Spoiler alert: Of all the things we find frustrating and confusing, the packaging of these beers is not one of them.

    This is a complex legal topic and one that forces the craft beer industry to look inward and decide how to balance the interests of its individual businesses with the ongoing interests of a growing industry that likes to think of itself as a happy family where everyone is looking out for everyone else. You could easily build an entire podcast series around this topic. Thankfully, you don’t need to build an entire podcast series around this topic because we have it all wrapped up in one 42-minute maelstrom of sarcasm, armchair legal analysis, and hyperbolic accusations. Oh, and Russ picked Social Distortion from the board of songs. SOME SHOW NOTES:

    • Just to calibrate your expectations, we don’t even start smelling or tasting the beers until around the 15-minute mark.
    • Sorry not sorry for the digital audio weirdness from 16:04-16:12. Buy me a new computer.
    • 23:44 – Somehow the audio cut off a secind early while introducing the song. That explains the “abrupt” transition.
    • 32:56 – Brendan Palfreyman can be followed here: @bpalfrey10. [It’s crazy that there were nine other people with a bpalfrey handle who signed up before him.] Seriously, if you’re at all interested about craft beer legal topics, follow him.
  • Social Distortion - s/t